Immune SystemFive Things That Suppress Your Immune System

Five Things That Suppress Your Immune System

(And How to Strengthen It)

In these unprecedented times, it’s now more important than ever to take care of our well-being. While therapeutics and vaccinations are often heralded as our saviors, our first line of defense in health is actually our immune systems. When it comes to ensuring it’s firing on all cylinders, there are many dos and don’ts to consider. Here, we reveal five things that can suppress your immune system and the top ways you can strengthen it.

#1 Consuming Toxic Chemicals 

From GMO foods to chemical-laden beauty products, we are bombarded with all manner of toxins in almost every aspect of our lives. Being overloaded with carcinogenic toxins like BPAs, SLS and parabens take a toll on our health and immune systems. 

Strengthen your immune system by: Choosing natural, chemical-free alternatives. Whether that’s by buying organic food or natural beauty or cleaning products, minimizing the harmful chemicals you’re exposed to will boost your overall wellbeing.

#2 Not Getting Enough Sleep 

Sleep is vital to supporting our immune system and necessary for optimum health. During sleep is when our bodies rest, repair, and renew. A lack of sleep means less time for our bodies to create antibodies – those vital infection-fighting cells and proteins. It also increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and can shorten life expectancy. 

Strengthen your immune system by: Getting between seven to nine hours of sleep a night. This will reduce stress, improve your concentration and lower your cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

#3 Certain Medications 

While modern medicine has had many profound benefits, often we are over-prescribed or prescribed the wrong medications. What’s more certain drugs like the anti-inflammatory corticosteroid family, azathioprine and cyclophosphamide actively suppress the immune system. True health and vitality start from within, not from a prescription. 

Strengthen your immune system by: Choosing natural, health-supporting solutions packed with anti-oxidants like True Vine CNMNHNY® when you get a cold or flu.

#4 Nutrient Deficiency 

Our bodies are complex ecosystems. Minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other vital nutrients are the building blocks of a healthy body. Modern diets and lifestyles are not conducive to being fully balanced leaving us depleted of key nutrients we need to stave off illness like vitamins C, D, zinc, selenium, and iron. 

Strengthen your immune system by: Eating a healthy diet rich in fresh organic fruit and veg, packed with minerals and vitamins. Taking a high-quality supplement where necessary.

#5 Not Getting Outdoors Enough 

Breathing in the fresh air, getting plenty of natural sunlight and soil and exposing our bare feet to the ground are all essential to supporting your immune system. Numerous studies have shown not getting outdoors enough will actively suppress your immune system, and that getting out in nature will lower heart rate and blood pressure. 

Strengthen your immune system by: Getting a safe amount of sun exposure to increase vitamin D levels. ‘Grounding’ yourself by placing your bare feet on the grass, sand, or soil to reduce inflammation. Walking and exercising in the fresh air.

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